G’day Mr. or Mrs. Internet User.

You’ve journeyed across the bazillions of 1’s and 0’s of the webiverse and arrived here to read about me.
I’m honoured.

I don’t like folio sites, so this one is purposely words-only and visually minimal. Each link will take you to an outside-hosted page. If you don’t want to read the following long-winded bio and just want to see a few ads I’ve made, look here, here & here for three TV spots I made between 2007-2012 that I think indicate what my brain does. You can also email me to discuss campaign work: thepieddepyper@gmail.com

My name is Jonathon Earl de Pyper.

Or “JED” - my initials - for short. 

I’m a creator of stuff. That stuff can be art, illustrations, tattoos, weird advertising campaigns, logos, t-shirts, motorcycles, gezellig good times, exuberant dance moves or Sunday breakfast. I don’t like to do only one thing or any one style in that thing. I love to move forward and sideways. Challenge myself and learn new skills. I hate being stagnant. If I get to spend most of the hours in a day MAKING & LEARNING, I’m most fulfilled. 

I completed scholarship graphic design in 2001. For the next 11 years until October 2012 I spent my time in some of Australia’s most creatively-awarded ad agencies. Namely Saatchi & Saatchi, BMF & The Monkeys. In my time in advertising I’ve tackled almost every creative role there is. Officially as a finished artist, designer, illustrator, senior creative & art director, and everything in between: I would write scripts, storyboard my own campaigns, produce and direct online TV series, liaise with clients, take and retouch photos, present to clients, strategise media and be a (mostly) positive team mascot, minion or leader. I love to get my hands dirty on every little aspect and don’t like being told something isn’t possible. 

I’m not highly awarded (a Cannes finalist and some local Aussie steel being the sum total of my brag cabinet). Although there’s some campaigns I made I’m truly PROUD of, and being happy with my commercial work is infinitely more important and harder to do for me than please an awards jury. Oh, one of my campaigns still holds a Guiness world record.
I like that.

I’ve worked on all sorts of clients, local to large. Some big ‘uns include Qantas, Adidas, Virgin, Fox, Cadbury, Tooheys, Toyota, and The Australian Government. No matter their budget or size I give every job and client my all and ALWAYS try to do something ground-breaking and unique for them.

In 2012 I left full-time advertising to down-scale my life. I taught myself to tattoo and supported myself with this while I painted. I still freelance in advertising.

For my tattoos, I try my best to avoid whatever the current or past trend is and focus on creating a unique visual memory for each client. It’s very important to me that this process is collaborative. It is truly a sacred and intimate art form and I’d rather get to know each of my clients and figure out why they want the tattoo they do and how best to express that. Contrary to the common thought that tattoos are forever, I believe they are one of the most TEMPORARY forms of art, just like the people who wear them. We are dust.

When it comes to my formal art practice, I use it as a way to understand and learn human psychology. To me, we are one of the most fascinating subjects there is. I specialise in figurative and slightly abstracted portraiture, though not exclusively. I steadfastly reject the idea of “finding a style” and never stay with one for long. I use each new show or project as a way to learn a different medium or technique or to express a different view or belief to the world that I’ve learned for myself. I’ve had three shows from 2016 onwards. All sold out before or on opening night (I think mostly because I have supportive collectors and try to price fairly. I also dislike art collection as a status symbol). Making money is never the object of my art, I just hope to make enough to live the life I want and to have what I do reach the right people and (hopefully) enrich their lives in some small way.

In May 2017 my partner and I moved to Europe. We’ve based ourselves in Amsterdam for now, but spend a lot of our time here travelling to other countries on our motorcycles.

I’m happiest working on my own or in a small team. 

I think meetings and the office environment are most often pointless and counterproductive for getting shit done. 

I work slowly. 

I despise trends. 

I self-doubt. 

I don’t like tribalism.

I believe all my beliefs are fluid and can change at any time. 

I love words but dislike verbosity
(despite what this long spiel would have you think). 

I’m a minimalist.

I will always try to offer the alternate opinion or counter thought.

I’m optimistic. 

I’m a good worker if I believe in the project, but am easily distracted otherwise.

I believe in progress. 

I believe in humility. 

I believe in humanity.

I’m a recovering materialist and dislike rampant consumerism. 

I’m a visual person. 

I read a lot. 

I don’t like most television.

I am colour blind.

I am an autodidact.

My success rate in my work is 25-30% on my best day. I am ok with this.

I’ve had tinnitus since I can remember.
My love of loud concerts and motorcycles has worsened it.

I have disdain for short attention spans, but hypocritically suffer from said affliction.

I think time is the most precious currency we have and HATE HATE HATE having mine wasted. 

I come across as gregarious and outgoing in person but I am introverted and very insecure. 

I don’t like being attached to my phone and try to avoid it most of the day so I can get things done.

I’m a big thinker and often miss the small details, especially if I’m tired.

I’m fluent in most Adobe print design programs and reasonably handy typographer.
Less so in video editing, web, UX, 3D modelling, digital design and animation (though I’m currently slowly learning all these). 

Given enough time, I know I can learn anything.

I love to teach.

I love dancing, calisthenics, yoga, sauna, squash, the cold, meditating, running, spicy food, consciousness, cooking, my family, my friends, nature, nutrition, music, film, cycling, city living, country adventuring, motorcycling (as a pastime, not a consumer addiction or status symbol), literature, art, theology, anthropology, neuroscience and trying to wrap my head around physics.

Sooooo, that was a lot of ME ME ME.
But I think I’d find YOU loads more interesting. Let’s chat.

If there’s a project you think we could work on together, be it advertising, branding, a painting, illustration or a unique and trend-resistant tattoo email me at:


It might take me a little while to respond to you, but I WILL get back to you as soon as I am able. I promise.

If you’d like to see a broader spread of my illustration and tattoo work, have a look here.

My art site is currently being updated, in the meantime, see a small selection here.