I am Jed. 

J.E.D. stands for Jonathon Earl de Pyper, but 'Jed' just has a lot less syllables.

After a scholarship in graphic design, I spent the years 2001-2012 in advertising in Sydney, Australia. I've been an art director, creative, writer, graphic designer and illustrator. The three main agencies I worked at were Saatchi & Saatchi, BMF and The Monkeys.

I collected a few awards along the way, including 4 silver and 4 bronze Award awards, a Cannes finalist and a One Show finalist. Campaigns I've created have accumulated more than 2 million views on Youtube (to date), broken a Guinness World record and grown people out of hair and beer. True story.

In 2012 I took a break from full-time advertising to focus on my art. I've supported myself since then by tattooing and freelancing. My three solo exhibitions sold out.

In May 2017 I moved to Amsterdam because I wanted to feel even shorter. 

I enjoy films with explosions in them, films without explosions in them, challenging music and going fast on motorcycles. 

Drop me a line, I love talking to humans:
Or find me on Instagram: @thepieddepyper

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